Ceramics Centre

This master thesis, consisting of a design for a ceramics centre in Maastricht, deals with two main themes: the urban institution and the local use of natural stone. The conducted architectural research focuses on (in)formality and visual perception of historical domestic façades in Maastricht featuring natural stone. The results of this study are used as a design tool to shape the identity of the ceramics centre as an open, inviting and approachable public institution. The programme consists of three main parts: an exhibition, archive and artist’s workshop.

The local language of building with natural stone is translated into a contemporary form using precast concrete elements. Urban massing, structure, materiality and organisation of the programme are informed by a research into Maastricht’s industrial heritage, specifically its inner-city factory complexes. A tripartite load-bearing structure and spatial experience offer a variety of atmospheres to showcase the production of ceramics and shed light on Maastricht’s disappearing industrial past.

In 2017, this project was shown at the exhibition Maastricht, City of Stone in Bureau Europa.