Elderly Home

The assignment calls for the design of an elderly home on the site of the Jan de Jonghuis (1967), originally built by the Bossche School architect Jan de Jong.

Aside from utilising his teacher Dom Hans van der Laan’s Plastic Number, De Jong also made use of simple building materials such as concrete blocks and wooden boards.

One of the strong points of the design is the architectural promenade that guides the visitor from the front gate towards the interior. It is a series of contrasting spaces, where the visitor is led to the home through subtle interventions.

The proposed extension builds on this idea, by adding a branch to the spatial sequence towards the southeast corner of the estate. Sitting against the forest edge, the horseshoe-shaped volume creates a sheltered patio not directly visible to the public. Simultaneously, this patio forms a prelude to the entrance—an ambivalent space that can be both interior and exterior. Large façade openings strengthen the connection with the surrounding interior spaces.

Grey brick walls and concrete lintels refer to the materiality of the rest of the ensemble, while inside the wall-to-wall closet is clad in wooden boards to provide some softening.